A Daye with a Sustainable Tampon Company

I will be the first to admit that I am a bit of a sucker for social media marketing. If something looks sleek enough, sustainable enough or just somewhat affordable enough, you can bet I’ll be convinced to buy it. This being the case, after seeing my friend rave about these eco-friendly tampons on her Instagram account and being seduced by the company’s funky packaging, I decided to invest in the delightful company that is Daye; a cutting edge collective raising the standards of womxn’s health, by creating effective products and services that fit conveniently into a womxn’s life. They are ass kicking the gender pain gap and revolutionising women’s health, one tampon at a time.

So, let’s get stuck in! What makes Daye so special? Well, besides coming in the prettiest of eco-friendly packaging (seriously, it really is pretty), one of Daye’s biggest sells is that they provide CBD infused tampons with every subscription box. You read that right – CBD! If you have watched Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip recently, then you will know that this little chemical is really having its 15 minutes of fame right now. However, far from jumping on the bandwagon, Daye take their role in the femcare industry very seriously. In fact, they are the first tampon company to conduct extensive clinical studies on our tampons, as well as lab-test every batch of fibre and CBD they use. Properties within CBD itself are known to have a number of health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties. This comes in handy when experiencing a serious case of menstrual cramps that are caused by inflammation. Don’t worry though, this isn’t the compound that gets you high – the World Health Organisation has deemed CBD to be safe for use. Research has also shown that the vagina has the highest concentration of cannabinoid receptors. This makes it the perfect place to absorb any cramp busting compounds.

The number of CBD and non-CBD tampons you receive will depend on the answers you give to an online questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask you how long your periods are, how heavy they are and how this changes over the course of your period. The subscription I got was 3 CBD and 9 non-CBD, that will come every 27 days to match my cycle – you can modify this to suit your own and control the subscription easily, should it change. I have actually snoozed this month’s because I have loads of left over tampons from my first two. Both tampons come clearly colour coded and marked with labels, so, you will always know which are which. Typically, the CBD ones are to be used at the beginning of your period – when pain is at its pinnacle – and the standard tampons are for when the pain has more or less subsided. Your first subscription box, will also include an ADORABLE transportable tampon tin; a cotton pouch and a lovely lil face mask. The face mask was an additional £5, but 100% of the profits are donated to domestic abuse charities Women’s Aid and LAWA. How bloody awesome is that!…sorry I will stop with the puns now.

However, for all its science and bespoke packaging, I think the biggest appeal of Daye, for me, has been their myth busting online resources and their company attitudes to female health care. Did you know that, even though tampons go inside our vaginas, they’re currently less regulated than plasters and hand sanitisers? This is not the case at Daye. They sanitise their tampons every step of the way, even the final packaging stage. By buying Daye tampons, women are essentially investing in a product that is safe for their bodies and the environment. Sadly, a whopping 97% of tampons on the market today are made of rayon, a non-biodegradable plastic, or non-organic cotton, which is grown with pesticides that damage soil composition and contaminate water. Contrastingly, Daye tampons are made from 100% certified organic, unbleached and sustainably-sourced cotton fibres. This is in addition to using bio-based sugarcane applicators; water-soluble paper wrappers (made of marine friendly wood pulp); a compostable refill pouch and recycled paper mailers. They have been officially christened carbon neutral and their manufacturing is refreshingly completely transparent.

Taken from the Daye website here.

It has to be said that tampons are not the most ecological femicare product out there. However, if they are your sanitary product of choice, then it seems these are as eco-friendly as you’re going to get. I know that, for personal reasons, mooncups are not for me, but at the very least I can rest easy knowing that Daye tampons biodegrade within 12 weeks in standard landfill conditions. As Daye says ‘handling your period in a more eco-friendly way doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Small changes here and there make a difference in the long run.’ I won’t act holier than thou – I’ve only had a few boxes delivered and, truth be told, I have had to use sanitary towels when I’ve forgotten to pack my travel tin. Making conscientious changes takes time and practice, and not everyone can afford alternative options. Though these tampons were £2 with a discount code, they are usually £7 a box. These are not cheap, but very often you can snooze a month, as one box can sometimes last two months. That being said, this review is certainly not to glorify one product over another, or criticise people for what period care solution they choose. However, if you have the means and are interested in investing in female orientated medical research, it won’t hurt to give them a go. Just apply this coupon upgradeu-9149 at the checkout.

In terms of how the tampons actually perform, I’ll try give you the low-down without giving you the specifics of how, you know, I got low…and down. Honestly? I didn’t see a huge difference in my pain tolerance with the CBD tampons at first. I think it was hard to determine what was merely my cramps easing up of their own accord and what were the side effects of the infused tampon – so, I’m not discrediting their health benefits, I just think I might have been using them wrong to begin with. I was rationing them because I only had three, which might have meant that the CBD never really had long enough to take affect. This month I used all three on my most painful day and I did see a marked improvement. With regards to the application process, I thought they were slightly fiddlier to insert than other tampons I’ve used, but this is no real problem as tampons are fiddly by nature. If they really are as good for the planet as Daye claim, I can put up with a bit of awkwardness four or three times a day – especially when they come in such innovative packaging. Putting the tampon wrappers in the toilet for the first time was a very surreal experience. However, it was also kind of fun; like one of those science experiments you’d have as a kid. I can confirm that they do indeed dissolve.

It often feels like women get it from all sides. We are told regularly that we are doing it all wrong in our attitudes; our shopping habits; our beauty habits; our work habits; our instagram habits and now our periods. So, I completely feel you if you gave a little eye roll when reading about these tampons. The truth is we have become oversaturated with messages on how to and how to not live our lives. I have been guilty of feeling overwhelmed myself. However, Daye are not here to complain about the way the world is: they’re here to simply do something about the taboo of female pain and move forward. It’s time to break the vicious cycle of gender siloed experiences when it comes to menstruation, because the only way to move female health forward is to include everyone in the dialogue. So, if changing my tampon brand for four days a month helps achieve this, then I think I can just about do that.

…because saving the planet is not an ovary-reaction.

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