New to New York

New York is to architecture nerds what avocado is to millennials – a treasure worth breaking your bank account for. Built predominantly by hardworking slaves and immigrants, I hope this post encourages anyone that was intending to visit this majestic city post-Covid to appreciate the hands that built some of its landmarks and the variety of people that walk its streets.

Along the Banks of Bruges

To say it is a beautiful city somewhat feels like the deepest of understatements. Posed ready with horse drawn carriages, scenic canals and twinkly Christmas decorations, it truly felt like we were transported onto a snowy fairytale filmset from which we never wanted to leave.

Book Review: Origin

Discussing the ripple effects of scientific discovery, Brown whisks us away on a fast-paced tour of conflicted Catholic Spain, and probes us into asking those age-old (and terrifying) questions; ‘Where do we come from?’ and ‘Where are we going?’